About UpperPin

About UpperPin

UpperPin was founded by Yuhan Yao and Ben Tsen, both Stanford MBAs, and successful in their business field. The two shared a passion for the arts. They decided to start UpperPin with a vision to bring high-quality yet affordable fine art to the mass consumer market by deploying the latest technologies and becoming a leading global provider of replica art.


Great Art Inspires the Spirit.

From Da Vinci to van Gogh, the world’s leading artists have uplifted hearts and minds for centuries. The work they created is praised worldwide for is contribution to the story of human culture and endeavor. Art sets the imagination free to move mountains, and it’s time to invite the best of its inspirational color and verve into your home.


Great Art Belongs in Your Home.

At UpperPin, we believe you can transform your living space into a mood-enhancing sanctuary with evocative paintings from the planet’s finest art galleries. UpperPin brings you a rich selection of classic and modern art that sets a new standard for high-quality reproductions.

UpperPin also commissions current artists that cooperate closely and often exclusively with us. We develop high-end, limited editions of art replicas with certificates signed by original artists, providing optimal value in art investment and aesthetic appreciation.